PHR Reviews

AccessMyRecords Editor’s Rating:

Access My Records is a personal health record provider geared towards employers. Access My Records invites employers to offer their employees a chance to share health records with their physicians.

Activ Doctors Online Editor’s Rating:

Activ Doctors Online is a PHR system that offers more than just health records storage. Patients can use the tools to track medical conditions and receive alerts about medical tests, doctor’s appointments and prescription refills.

Aetna’s Personal Health Record Editor’s Rating:

This online PHR is exclusive to Aetna Insurance policy holders. There is no fee associated with this PHR. Those without a policy are unable to view PHR details.

AllOne Health Editor’s Rating:

AllOne Health is a program that works best for organizations or individuals who need access to multiple resources to help manage their chronic conditions.

Capzule PHR Editor’s Rating:

For the $4.99 price tag, users who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch may want to consider downloading the easy to use app to track medical conditions and keep a detailed medical history at their fingertips.

CheckUp Editor’s Rating:

CheckUp offers a 30-day, free trial offer so that users may try the interface prior to purchase. Several features are available, including a graphing feature to track weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, or other progress.

Doctor Global Editor’s Rating:

Doctor Global offers a 30-day free trial for users to try MyLife Health Record and MyLifeSaver and see if the products fit their needs. Your MyLife Health Record can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world and using any web browser as long as you have an Internet connection. Members have the option of printing out the photo ID card instead of buying it. Never lose a health file even if you lose your medical card—Doctor Global automatically maintains an online backup of your health information. Doctor Global clinicians are available for online consultation. You can print the summary of your health record directly from your account page. MyLife services are also available to international users.

Dossia Editor’s Rating:

Dossia has a clean interface with easy navigation. Health applications integrated with Dossia permits users to have increased functionality to track medical conditions and monitor health goals.

Dr. I-Net Editor’s Rating:

Dr. I-Net is an online personal health record tool that is completed by both the user and by a health professional. The service is free to consumers.