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                药品资讯网(http://www.chemdrug.com)由成都泛恩药品咨询有限8522.com娱乐城于2004年创建,是国内首家新药研发行业B2B电子商务网站。也是国内最大年夜的新药研发行业门户网站。 药品资讯网重要为国表里医药研发8522.com娱乐城、药品临盆厂家、药包材企业、药品辅料企业、制药机械企业及化学试剂企业等供给国表里料供求信息、国表里新药研动员态、药品德量标准、工艺线路、配方工艺、人材雇用、药品研发政策律例等全方位的信息资讯办事和B2B电子商务解决筹划和在线交易平台利用办事,具有信息资本丰富和办事对象特定等鲜明的特点。

                ChemDrug consultancy net is the first B2B electronic commerce website that focus on researching and developmenting of new drugs industry.It is the greatest portal on researching and developmenting of new drugs industry. ChemDrug consultancy net provides all of the information and services such as assisting the informations exchange of demand and supply; the international news about researching and developmenting ; the QC standard in drug; providing the solutings in drug processing and directions for produing chemicals or metallurgical products, Analyzing the related laws & regulations ,policy . ChemDrug consultancy net also provides the soultiongs for your E busniess and online trading. we would like to share the resouces and severice with you.